An Introduction…

There’s nothing like a good opening to a film to set the mood and cement it in your memory. It’s a great opportunity to introduce a character, or re-introduce in the case of James Bond in the opening scene of Golden Eye (the bungey jump off the dam). I was thinking about it today and the two opening scenes that stick in my head the most are the two I’ve posted below.
Both come from a time when I was very heavily into films, most particularly Martin Scorese films. The Spike Lee Do The Right Thing scene coincided with my introduction to rap and so bonded two loves into one. I think I’ve seen the opening of this movie about one hundred times, at least. Hypnotised by Rosie Perez, trying to copy the moves in my pants.

The scene from Mean Streets is probably my defining movie moment. The perfect joining of music and film. I watch it now and it hasn’t quite got the power it had when I first saw it, but I can recall seeing it first time round, on a Vodka and Cigar Friday night and thinking ‘this is what I want to do’. It sets you up for what is a perfect movie experience, still one of Scorsese’s greatest moments

As is the norm here at SS, you read my shit, I give you some tunes.

Firstly the new one from Interpol

Secondly a live version of an oldie from Bob Mould’s  band Sugar, from the 1992 album Copper Blue. Pretty much love everything that Bob Mould’s ever done.

Sugar – ‘A Good Idea’

Also you might wanna check out the free download Sleigh Bells are giving away on their site, here. Like being sung to by a beautiful lady, whilst her husband hammers on the corrugated shed you’re hiding in

Hurts – Better Than Love

Well here we are then, Hurts are a go, let’s see what happens now. I’ve got to admit, when I saw the teaser for this I was thinking that it was all a bit pretentious, but really it’s just class. Reminds me of Once Upon A Time In America. Hurts are a finely crafted package and that’s going to annoy some people. They’re going to get called pretentious and arty (solely because they don’t smile a lot and don’t get busted snorting Meiow), and it’s going to be a big shock if they turn up on a chat show one night dressed in a sweater and ripped jeans. The noir association they’re adopting, suits, laquered hair, may weigh down on them in the future, but I haven’t seen anything like them, stylistically since the 80’s. They remind me of the Pet Shop Boys. That’s a good thing. At the end of the day, whatever you think of the band, if you like your pop immaculate then you’ve gotta love the music.

Mood To Match The Weather

Sun is shining, as Bob sang, before the shitty rework. Out here in the middle of nowhere, you feel the seasons more intensely. Winter is a bitch, it sneaks up on you and throws a dark blanket of ‘bleedin’ hell it’s cold’ over you, that you feel you’ll never get out from under. When Spring arrives, short of dancing round naked in the woods, praising some long forgotten pagan god, you feel like celebrating. Before I never understood the excitement Spring induced, especially out in the countryside, but when stuff that’s been dead, apparently with no chance of being alive again, springs into life, green shooting through the dried brown remains of last year, it really is a bit of thrill (I need to get out more). Even a hardened old cynic has to appreciate the first snowdrop and daffs lining the roadside, the day when you get out of bed and it’s not -12 and the sun is rising as you go to the car. It makes me feel like I did at school, when I got the new exercise book and its cover was free of graffitti and you hadn’t drawn lines through pages of badly written work. It’s a new start and everything isn’t shit and dull. At least for a while.

Right for reading that, here’s some tunes that make the sunshine even better.

Au Revoir Simone – ‘What You Need (Hey Champ Remix)’

Nightbus – ‘I Wanna Be You (Grum Remix)’

Dont Wait Animate – ‘6174 (COB Remix)

RCRD LBL have a great Kevin Shields remix of David Holmes ‘Living Room’ here

In Other News…

I put forward a proposition, that Manchester and Brooklyn should be made musical twin towns. Manchester may not share Brooklyns skyline, but most of the music I listen to these days seems to originate from one or other of these places.

Brahms are a case in point. Hailing from Brooklyn New York, they produce cool electro pop, with the downbeat sound of Depeche Mode. Have a listen, see what you think.  (spot the Hot Chip ‘homage’ in Toward The Ghost)

Brahms – Toward The Ghost

Brahms – Brought It Up

Herve needs no introduction here, so just get your lobes around his new one, remixed by hot new Italian kids on the block Reset!

Herve – Blaze It (Reset! Remix)

Check the 80’s vibes on Luxury Livings ‘Kimberley’.There’s probably a name for the ‘hand clap’ drum that features through out this tune, the PSB used to use it a load. If you know what it is, let me know. It’s got me feeling all nostalgic.

Luxury Living- Kimberley

Sorry for the shit Brahms picture joke – it seemed funny at the time