Mood To Match The Weather

Sun is shining, as Bob sang, before the shitty rework. Out here in the middle of nowhere, you feel the seasons more intensely. Winter is a bitch, it sneaks up on you and throws a dark blanket of ‘bleedin’ hell it’s cold’ over you, that you feel you’ll never get out from under. When Spring arrives, short of dancing round naked in the woods, praising some long forgotten pagan god, you feel like celebrating. Before I never understood the excitement Spring induced, especially out in the countryside, but when stuff that’s been dead, apparently with no chance of being alive again, springs into life, green shooting through the dried brown remains of last year, it really is a bit of thrill (I need to get out more). Even a hardened old cynic has to appreciate the first snowdrop and daffs lining the roadside, the day when you get out of bed and it’s not -12 and the sun is rising as you go to the car. It makes me feel like I did at school, when I got the new exercise book and its cover was free of graffitti and you hadn’t drawn lines through pages of badly written work. It’s a new start and everything isn’t shit and dull. At least for a while.

Right for reading that, here’s some tunes that make the sunshine even better.

Au Revoir Simone – ‘What You Need (Hey Champ Remix)’

Nightbus – ‘I Wanna Be You (Grum Remix)’

Dont Wait Animate – ‘6174 (COB Remix)

RCRD LBL have a great Kevin Shields remix of David Holmes ‘Living Room’ here

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