An Introduction…

There’s nothing like a good opening to a film to set the mood and cement it in your memory. It’s a great opportunity to introduce a character, or re-introduce in the case of James Bond in the opening scene of Golden Eye (the bungey jump off the dam). I was thinking about it today and the two opening scenes that stick in my head the most are the two I’ve posted below.
Both come from a time when I was very heavily into films, most particularly Martin Scorese films. The Spike Lee Do The Right Thing scene coincided with my introduction to rap and so bonded two loves into one. I think I’ve seen the opening of this movie about one hundred times, at least. Hypnotised by Rosie Perez, trying to copy the moves in my pants.

The scene from Mean Streets is probably my defining movie moment. The perfect joining of music and film. I watch it now and it hasn’t quite got the power it had when I first saw it, but I can recall seeing it first time round, on a Vodka and Cigar Friday night and thinking ‘this is what I want to do’. It sets you up for what is a perfect movie experience, still one of Scorsese’s greatest moments

As is the norm here at SS, you read my shit, I give you some tunes.

Firstly the new one from Interpol

Secondly a live version of an oldie from Bob Mould’s  band Sugar, from the 1992 album Copper Blue. Pretty much love everything that Bob Mould’s ever done.

Sugar – ‘A Good Idea’

Also you might wanna check out the free download Sleigh Bells are giving away on their site, here. Like being sung to by a beautiful lady, whilst her husband hammers on the corrugated shed you’re hiding in

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