Straight Up

About a year ago I posted that I didn’t think Twitter would last, in its current format, longer than…a year. I could still be right, but it’s becoming increasingly unlikely.

I think the thing was that I just didn’t get Twitter, at all. I couldn’t see the appeal of reading 160 words status updates, from people I didn’t know. Even on Facebook I get bored of reading status updates and these people are meant to be my friends. As for me tweeting much, what the hell do you say? I still don’t really get my side of the deal, I don’t tweet a lot, but I do enjoy reading updates way more than I did.

You build up a strange disconnected relationship with people you follow. I’m following random people from all over the world, some of them famous, some not so. I get a view into their lives through their updates, that is fascinating and mundane at the same time. This guys playing with his grandkids, this one’s hanging out for a coffee, another’s off his face on mescal (my fave). I don’t know them, but I know about them. I feel quite protective over these people and when I start to follow someone new, it takes a while before I can get used to this new voice in the ‘conversation’.

There’s the quote Twits, with their 40k followers and the marketing trawlers and people that just post links to other places, which I think they may make money from, but haven’t worked out how they do it. Some I follow just because they may tweet something for the blog (they never say anything else that’s worth much), too many DJs moan, Tiga is a funny fucker, Kevin Smith is THE champion Twitterer, some famous people are genuinely nice, Kanye West is random but suprisingly self concious. If you get a reply from one of your heroes, it’s the best thing that’s going to happen to you that day, I promise you (thanks to Fake Blood and the always reliable Japanese Popstars for making my day). I know these people a lot better than I did last year anyway and there’s no harm in that. I’m not looking to go out for sushi with them or owt

I predict that Twitter might be around for a little while longer yet. For good or bad. I know that while I’m browsing, it’ll be open in the next tab anyway.

Right the purpose of this post is that suddenly bangers have appeared. Three great big ones.

Diplo & Don Diablo – Make You Pop (192k)

Love listening to Diplo, ’cause you know at some point this baby is going down looooooow.

Tai feat Steve Aoki – Paradise Poltergeist (Gtronic Remix)

This is an absolute dirty monster.

Boyz Noise – Yeah

Just a minute or so of preview at the moment, but wah, what a preview.

Also Goose are on Souncloud now, found out through Twitter, so there you go. If you go there you can hear a new tune (they won’t let me share it…)

The Package

Bag Raiders seem like they’ve been around for ages, but in fact it’s only since 2006. Actually that is quite a while in the fickle, throwaway, onto the next one internet world we inhabit (deep shit, uh?). I was always aware of them through their remixes. Most notably Headman, Cut Copy, Midnight Juggernauts, Lost Valentinos and Kid Sister and my fave Sneaky Sound System’s ‘I Love It’.

They’ve had a couple of releases of their own, starting with Fun Punch in 2007, the more well known Casio-tastic ‘Shooting Stars’ and they’re due to drop their debut album in October. The next tune off the album is ‘Way Back Home’  which with its ‘Woooh’ moments could be likened to fellow Aussies Cut Copy. In fact it sounds quite a lot like Cut Copy, but everyone sounds like the Beatles and Elvis and the Stones, anyway and at the end of the day, it’s all the blues and disco, so give the guys a break!

There’s also a very nice remix of ‘Way Back Home’ by Harvard Bass.

Bag Raiders – Way Back Home (128kb)

Bag Raiders – Way Back Home (Harvard Bass Remix)

You can BUY loads of Bag Raiders stuff too

50 To 5

The NME revealed their top 50 new bands of 2010 yesterday. I’m not going to go on about who they missed (Phantogram?), who shouldn’t have been on it, or if they are that ‘new’ at all, because the list, like anything, is subjective. What I will do is break it down into my own top 5 Bands I Didn’t Know Much About Until Yesterday –

Chapel Club – My favourite of the bunch and the ones I can imagine having the most success in the future. They sound a bit like Editors, a bit like Morrissey, with a suggestion of Echo & The Bunnymen. Don’t like to draw comparisons all the time, but as soon as you listen to these you’ll be going ‘ooh that’s very etc’. Are they derivative? No they’re really good.


What’s No-fi? Who knows, but Dom are it. Apparently. I prefer Dom’s own “We play Ginger Wave.” Summery, joyous, synthy (?), bouncy and ace.

Dom – Jesus

Foster The People – (cough) MGMT – sorry I’m at it again with the Sounds Like stuff. I’m rubbish at describing music technically, so have to resort to similarity all the time. Ok – how’s, catchy as hell? It’ll make you whistle… It’s got a cracking (Beach Boys) bassline. Ah fuck it, just have a listen

Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks

Katy B – Is collaborator of choice at the moment, most recently as the voice of Magnetic Man’s brilliant ‘Perfect Stranger’. This tune, Katy On A Mission, is a fantastic slice of cross over dub step.

MNDR – First heard of MNDR on Mark Ronson’s ‘Bang Bang Bang’ and thought I’d take a look. She’s got a fantastic voice, writes her own stuff, sort of jagged, mournful pop and she wears terrific glasses. Can’t ask for more really

MNDR – I Go Away

You can read the whole NME 50 Best New Bands list here and make up your own mind