Per Qx

First heard Per Qx last year when he released a cover of one of my favourite Depeche Mode tunes ‘Everything Counts’ in a house stylee.  As a promoter, DJ and remixer he gets about a bit. He played Glasto this year and co-promotes Gutterslut nights in Londinium on a monthly basis. According to his bio, you’d struggle to find somewhere he hasn’t played out and he’s getting a lot of love for what he’s doing, so respect to the boy. He’s released tunes on Stealth and Larry Tee’s ‘Djs Are Not Rockstars’ label, aswell as getting some remixes done for Laidback Luke, Lady Gaga and Deadmaus. I imagine that, at some time, he gets some sleep and possibly watches Eastenders. Has a cup of tea? I read bios and they pretty much exhaust me. Where do these people get the energy? Once I’ve finished this post, I’ll have to go for a ciggy and a lay down for half an hour.

That’s what marks people like Per Qx and people like me apart. He does, I listen. Viva la difference!

‘Blow My Trumpet’ is a great tune, you can imagine the floor reaction when the Chad Jackson sample creeps in and if I’ve heard a sax used in a better way in a dance tune, I don’t remember when it was. More sax in house music, oh yes.

‘Blow My Trumpet’ is out on Big Love as part of the New Blood series and is available to BUY here

Also check out his rather nice remix of Deadmaus/Meleefresh ‘Sex Slave’ here

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