This Is A Preview…

For the last four years or so Lektroluv Records have been releasing some of the most exciting dance music to grace my ears. From their first release Bangkok Impact’s ‘111’ in 2006, to Mysterymen, Superlux, The Subs, Michoacan, Kaos, G.L.O.V.E.S, Sound Of Stereo, Mumbai Science (I don’t want to leave anyone out), through to Gtronic, Highbloo, Ampersand, they always manage to release consistantly strong material. Mainly the sort of straight up mad electro that makes me go ‘Oh my fucking god!’ and sends me sprinting round the garden in some kinda frenzy. Of all the labels I’m subscribed with, to, on, whenever I get stuff from Lektroluv it makes me break out the headphones and have a listen right away.

With their new release Hey Today!s ‘ Strange’ they’re continuing the great work. Another bonkers electro smash, that’s got me punching the air and leaping around like a dick.

Hey Today!  – Strange

As the lady says – ‘This is a preview’, so go buy it

You should probably have a listen to Hey Today!s August DJ Mix too

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