Break Step?

I’ve got to be honest, I don’t like Dubstep. It just drops the wrong way for me. I appreciate a nice wonky bass as much as the next man, but dub of any kind hasn’t touched me much since I used to smoke shit loads of weed. It’s similar to Minimal, I’ve really really tried to like it, but it just ain’t happening (ok, I didn’t try that hard with Minimal). I like a bit of Rusko, some Caspa and I quite enjoy some Skream, but I couldn’t listen to it for any period of time. When you’re taking me up in a track, I don’t want to drop down into a big pile of squelch…

If anyone can set an electro boy straight here, I’m open to any suggestions.

Now, Run Riot has been venturing into the realms of dub lately. I read it on his Twitter and I’m thinking ‘oh no, dude, don’t do it’. Stay with us!! There’s a few producers out there, electro and breaks, who are dabbling with dubstep. There’s a derf of good ‘lectro about and breaks is in the doldrums at the mo, in my opinion, so perhaps it’s a need to stretch out that’s seeing them trying something new. Dub electo? too different, bit like Oooh and Ahhh. Dub breaks – there’s more potential in that.

So lets leave it to Run Riot to give it a go. Here’s one he made earlier – Great Scott’s ‘Defcon (Run Riot remix)

Is it me, or is he onto something here? Hmm, I wonder…Get it here

Also got this remix of Christoph Maitland ‘Electric Finger’that he sent over. Back to breaks, with an acid flourish.

Featured in Beatports ‘ 10 Must Hear Breaks Tracks’

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