The Package

Bag Raiders seem like they’ve been around for ages, but in fact it’s only since 2006. Actually that is quite a while in the fickle, throwaway, onto the next one internet world we inhabit (deep shit, uh?). I was always aware of them through their remixes. Most notably Headman, Cut Copy, Midnight Juggernauts, Lost Valentinos and Kid Sister and my fave Sneaky Sound System’s ‘I Love It’.

They’ve had a couple of releases of their own, starting with Fun Punch in 2007, the more well known Casio-tastic ‘Shooting Stars’ and they’re due to drop their debut album in October. The next tune off the album is ‘Way Back Home’  which with its ‘Woooh’ moments could be likened to fellow Aussies Cut Copy. In fact it sounds quite a lot like Cut Copy, but everyone sounds like the Beatles and Elvis and the Stones, anyway and at the end of the day, it’s all the blues and disco, so give the guys a break!

There’s also a very nice remix of ‘Way Back Home’ by Harvard Bass.

Bag Raiders – Way Back Home (128kb)

Bag Raiders – Way Back Home (Harvard Bass Remix)

You can BUY loads of Bag Raiders stuff too

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