All Out…

Strikes and boycotting are akin to war, and can be justified only on grounds analogous to those which justify war, viz., intolerable injustice and oppression. Rutherford Hayes

There’s trouble brewing. The big unions have voted unanimously today to mass national walkouts to stop or dilute the Governments planned cuts in public service. More power to them, I reckon. They tell us that we’ve had it good for years and that now we have to tighten our belts and take the bad times and the cuts to services that entails. I’m sorry but that’s shit. The majority of working people in this country haven’t seen the good times, just heard about what a good time the very wealthy were having. Now the very wealthy have gone and fucked everything up,  they expect us to pay for it. The banks, who were at the the heart of the crisis, are back to making silly money and are talking about handing out bonuses again, executives are recieving bonuses of 100% their salary, while we face a 25% cut in the public purse. That means less money for the poorest in society, less money on schools and hospitals. We can’t tax the richest, because that might harm the economy. Eh? That’s pretty much the most fucked up thing I’ve heard. Someone on the radio today said that if they went after the tax dodgers, the really rich ones with accountants that hide their money so they don’t have to pay their share, we could raise 100 billion! That would fill a pretty big hole in the countrys finances, eh? But they won’t do that, because…why can’t they do it? I don’t know.They never answer that question, so we assume that nothing can be done. The same way we assume all politicians are liars and that the rich have an inalienable right to do what the hell they like and so we do nothing about it. Honestly I’ve had enough of the bullshit.

‘I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!!’

Go on, lean out of your window and scream it loud…

But before you do, have a listen to these –

Familjen – Det Var Jag (Savage Skulls & Marcus Price Remix)

Next is a new remix by Run Riot of Curl and Deans ‘Bantha”. Tom himself say’s he got ‘epic’ with this one and the last three minutes are pure class and go to show the mans versatility. Every mix he does is different, always trying to move it forward. That’s why we keep posting his stuff, innit?

Curl and Dean – ‘Bantha (Run Riot Remix)

Buy It Here

Chemical Brothers – Dissolve (Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Don’t forget – POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

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