The Pass

Love that feeling when you find a new band you like. Especially when it’s instant. On the opposite side of that coin is the feeling you get when you realise that people out there have heard them first. The Pass were on the blogs at the start of the year, but I must have been looking at pictures only that day, because if I’d heard them then I’d have posted them sooner.

Anyway, the always reliable Recommender put a couple of The Pass’s tunes up earlier today and one listen was enough to know they were going up on here (actually, I’ve just checked back with The Recommender and you may aswell go and read their recent post. Same picture and everything! Obviously their picture is BIGGER. Gotta up my game, man)

The band are from Louisville, Kentucky and they make synth heavy indie pop, reminiscent of Friendly Fires, Phoenix and early Killers. Following on from their EP ‘Colors’ The Pass release their debut album ‘Burst’ on September 21st on Sona Blast

The Pass – How To Live

The Pass – Treatment of the Sun

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