Future Sounds

My car ran out of petrol yesterday, while I was driving the kids home from school. It was bound to  happen at some point, as I’m driving on the yellow warning light for at least two days a week. I’ve never once, in the ten years I’ve owned the Little Green Twat, filled it up completely. It helps the aerodynamics – or so I like to think (though a mechanic friend insists that driving while empty means there’s loads of shit in your fuel). Whatever, I was pushing my luck and it ran out yesterday.

One positive was that I had an hour with the kids, stuck in the middle of nowhere, with not a games console in sight. Spoiled only by my youngest needing to go for a crap (fields are great for this kind of thing, of course), we sat against the car and agreed that I’d picked a great spot to break down.

I asked my eldest what he wanted to be, if he could be anything in the world. It took him a while to mull this over, which gave me a chance to consider his options myself. It occured to me that, when I was young, my dad or someone had asked me the same question – ‘you can be anything you want’ they’d added. Back then I wanted to be in the army. I wanted to be a Royal Marine (right up to the point I saw real Royal Marines dieing in the Falklands, on the BBC). I didn’t really register the truth in what they were saying. I doubt they realised it either. But sitting there, thirty or so years later, I was aware that both my sons could really be what they wanted to be.They’re both relatively bright kids, confident and pretty determined when it comes to getting what they want. The world really is their ocean based mollusc. The possibilities are endless, as long as they avoid the things that tripped (slowed) their old man up – drink and drugs and generally having a good time of it.

The eldest wants to be a policeman, as it happens. That’s what he decided. So he can ‘give people a kick’ (his reasoning, not mine) and if that’s what he wants to be, then fair enough. I’ve got another son…

But the point of this post is…? Dunno for sure. It’s not about my regret, because I only have a few. It blew my mind, for a moment there, the mass of options available to my sons. They’ll both be brilliant, at what ever they do, but I think it’s the scale of potential that made me want to write this down. Similar to when you try to grasp the boundarys of the universe. It gives you a headache.

Drop The Lime – Sex Sax (TAI Remix)

Lissie – When Im Alone (Leo Zero Remix) Via Neon Gold

Fischerspooner – Infidels Of The World Unite (Trash Yourself Remix)

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