Digitalism ‘Blitz’ EP

Ever since I started this blog I’ve been waiting to post something about Digitalism. They’ve kept me bloody waiting- since releasing their ‘Moshi Moshi’ EP (Japan only) in 2008 I haven’t heard a whisper. Now finally there’s a reason to get excited, as Jence and Isi prepare to release their ‘Blitz’ EP through Kitsune in November.

I once saw Digitalism in Brum and though I can’t really recall any of that gig, I did come out of the venue with a signed Tesco reciept, which said ‘To the papist – Digitalism’. Don’t know what that was about (ignore the fold that makes it look like Rapist)

I’ll leave it to Digitalism to plug the EP, but you can download a free preview here. All they want is your email

‘For years man has watched the stars above in a bid to understand how the galaxy was created.
For German electronic duo Digitalism, it was not a case of understanding this mystery above us but recording it.

“Blitz” is the long awaited single from the electronic astronauts who have created a big bang theory of their own.
It’s a synth supernova that explodes through the speakers, bringing with it a euphoric state of consciousness as we too look to the stars and while we may know there are far greater things happening within this moment, all you can do is dance.
Orbiting the dance world’s conscience for years with  the singles “Idealistic”, “Zdarlight”, “Jupiter Room” and “Pogo”, “Blitz” marks the start of the long journey home for Jens Moelle and İsmail  Tüfekçi’ as their heroic space odyssey nears closer to earth.
But now we must embrace the anti-gravity movements Digitalism have beamed down in anticipation for their return in the form of “Blitz” and the all-consuming space groove of “Stratosphere”.
Discovering a galaxy of new sounds and rhythmic activity, all reports indicate that the boys are almost ready to bring their collective movements back to earth when they release the  long awaited album.
It has been an epic journey that Digitalism are prepared to share, so strap yourself in and get ready for launch.’

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