A Quicky?

Just a quicky, catching up with some things I’ve missed.

First up is a new live vid from Run Riot, filmed at Solfest, where he appeared alongside New Young Pony Club, The Japanese Popstars, Utah Saints (U-U-Utah Saints), Adam Freeland and Far Too Loud. It features his new tune ‘The Life’ which he plans to release some time in December this year.Great to see the crowd so into this. Wish I’d been there.

Beat Assassins have been around since 2006 and have drifted by me, in the periphary, as often happens with me and tunes. Their 2007 track ‘We Run Things’ is actually on my I-pod and apparently has been played fifteen times. If you’d asked me who did it though, I’d have coughed, embarrassed, and tried to change the subject.

Now they’re giving away part 4 of their Urban Electro Project, which essentially grabs the lyric from ‘Lions Den’, that Miss Dynamite perfomed with the Nextmen and pastes it over the Assassin’s own ‘Straight To The World’, but it works well. This is the Peo de Pitte remix. Grab it here (well, down there…)

Beat Assassins V Miss Dynamite – Lions Den (Peo de Pitte Remix)MP3

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