Kitsune Maison 10

The new Kitsune compliation, number 10, is out November 15th and it’s looking as strong as ever.

01. Cacadeur – Walker (Early Remix)
02. Guards – Don’t Wake The Dead
03. Is Tropical – South Pacific
04. Yelle – La Musique
05. Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know (Mustang Remix)
06. Beatacue – Disque Oh
07. Strange Talk – Climbing Walls
08. Punks Jump Up – Blockhead (Edit)
09. The Aikiu – The Red Kiss
10. Flight Facilities feat. Giselle – Crave You
11. Jolie Cherie – Insomnie
12. Wild At Heart – Get Related

01. Clock Opera – Once And For All
02. Icona Pop – Manners (Extended)
03. Young Empires – Glory Of The Night
04. Housse De Racket – Chateau
05. Teeth – See Spaces
06. The Heartbreaks – Liar, My Dear
07. Waylayers – Fires
08. Digitalism – Blitz
09. Black Strobe – Me & Madonna (Twelves Remix)
10. Justus Kohncke and Alexis Taylor – Sorry
11. Psychobuildings – Terror Management
12. Palbomen – Moon Children
13. May68 – The Prisoner (Cecile Remix Jerry Bouthier Edit)

I love the video teasers that herald the arrival of a new Kitsune Maison, not because I’m some sort of perv, who likes to watch attractive people get dressed, you understand. As a snapshot of what Kitsune is about, chic cool, they work perfectly. In this video I also love how Nane (the girl) effortlessly gets her kit on, whilst Hadrien (the fella) is obviously trying his hardest to win and is visibly fucked off when he doesn’t Hard luck, Hadrien. Next time imagine you’re getting the clothes off and there’s a shag at the end of it.

One of the bands featured on the compilation is the Waylayers. If you go to their site you can download three of the bands tunes for the price of an email address. Well worth the effort. I’m certain we’ll be hearing more from these. Check out the vid of ‘Big Machines’ down there.

Also check out

Waylayers – Hear No Lies



J-Bag has put together a mini mix of the album. Part 2 is coming up next week

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