The ancient Celts used to believe that barrier between this world and the Underworld was thinnest around this time of year. A time they used to call Samhain, or ‘summers end’. Spirits, good and bad, were able to pass through, from one realm to another and it was thought that to avoid being harrassed by a nasty spirit it was advisable to get yourself dressed up like one. The name Halloween probably comes from Scotland in the 16th century, where they celebrated All-Hallows-Even, or mass day of all saints.

…sorry, forgot where I was there, for a moment.

Nicki Minaj has an ass that makes J-Lo’s ass look like Kates Moss’s ass. It really is tremendous. She also, more importantly, has an album out in November. Pink Friday is her debut and features collabs with Rhianna, Drake, Will.I.Am, Kanye West and Eminem. It was on Kanye’s ‘Monster’ that I first became aware of Nicki, she stood out a mile with her sharp rhymes and flawless delivery. She reminds me a bit of a young Missy Elliot.

This collaboration with Eminem is just so good, stripped back and mean as fuck. Possibly the best I’ve heard Eminem spit for a while

Nicki Minaj feat Eminem – Roman’s Revenge

I’ve not really caught much of Kid Cudi’s stuff, but this track with guest Mary J Blige is spot on. Down tempo and dark, it sounds like Cudi is stuck in a corner, snorting something to help him get from verse to verse.


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