Run Riot

Don’t seem to have heard much from Tom Run Riot recently. That might be just a relative quietness, as he’s been very prolific, or it could be that he’s become a soldier of fortune and is off fighting in the African bush. Or he’s become Roy Keane’s anger management coach at Ipswich. I might have got those two confused.

He’s back now anyway and with a couple of biggies.

I think I may have mentioned before that I’m not a huge fan of Tiesto. I’ve got nothing against him or his particular scene, I just don’t feel what he’s doing most of the time. I probably heard ‘Knock You Out’ when it was released and went ‘puh’ or ‘tsk’ and turned it off after 30 seconds. It’s a bit – nothing really. I’m sure it kicks ass in a Big Room somewhere, but on my cans it does nothing for me.

Add a touch of Run Riot magic and you’ve got something much more interesting. Take the vocal, which is the best bit of the original to be honest, and stretch it over a nice dubstep and I can listen to it again and again.

Tiesto – Knock You Out (Run Riot Remix)

I’ve never been asked to remix anyone, never mind anyone of any renown. I can’t imagine what it’s like when a ‘Name’ comes to you asking for you to rework one of their tunes. I imagine I’d crap myself and get horribly self conscious, then make a load of excuses and miss the deadline. This is why I write shit and don’t produce music.

Not Tom though, straight in there, stamping his mark over this Moguai tune and making it his own. I like Moguai and I’ve got to say I was interested to see what he’d do with this. He keeps pretty close to the original, laying what I like to call the Run Riot Throb (does that sound dodgy? It’s the best I can come up with) over it and giving it a push forward, stretching the breakdown out, then dropping it down nicely – with Mel & Kim giving it some along the way.

Moguai – Get Fresh (Run Riot Remix)

Is it just me, or does the original echo Faithless ‘Feelin’ Good’ somewhat? No, just me? Righto…

{Video} Chapel Club – Surfacing

I was going to post a video of Chapel Club playing ‘Surfacing on Later With Jools, but it’s contained on Youtube within the horrible advert ladened Vevo, so rather than being able to embed it here viewers have to go to Vevo to watch it. Now I can understand Vevo wanting as many hits as possible, they’ve got adverts to sell after all, but it still fucks me off that I can’t post a video of a band I like on my blog.To me it’s just another way of holding people hostage. To watch this, you will watch this first. Literally box you in and control what you do. No comments, for example.

Why stop people embedding. A video is just a promo of a song at the end of the day and the best way to promote your band and their song is to allow as many people as possible to hear or see it. Stopping effective disseminators of music, like blogs, from featuring your band is just counter productive and illustrates the backward way major record labels think. I can’t see how disabling embed will lose them revenue in any way, so why be such tight ass pricks. There’s numerous occassions when I’ve not featured a band because I can’t post a video, new bands mainly. So that’s at least two people who haven’t been introduced to that band for that reason.To me it’s just another example of majors trying to exert control they feel they’re entitled to but don’t really have anymore.

Sorry about the rant. Here’s the link to Vevo’s Chapel Club vid. Boycott anything they advertise

Mike Skinner doesn’t need the money, I reckon. He’s been releasing stuff through Twitter for a while, vids and some tunes appearing now and then. This is a good one. Not on Vevo either.

Black Strobe

Black Strobe have been around since 1997, when Arnaud Rebotini and Ivan Smagghe got together in Paris to make ‘frozen balaeric gay biker house’. Along with Erol Alkan, Tiga, Peaches, Fischerspoon, Felix Da Housecat and the like they were at the forefront of the ‘electroclash’ movement with their breakthrough single ‘Me and Madonna’ capturing the new wave synth sound perfectly.

On December 6th Kitsune are re-issuing ‘Me and Madonna’ along with some tasty remixes, by the The Twelves, Tape to Tape, Grand Crue (Rebotni and Birdy Nam Nams DJ Pone) and Jolie Cherie.

Black Strobe – Me and Madonna (Tape to Tape remix)

Of all the remixes the Tape to Tape one wins the day for me, closely followed by The Twelves funky effort. The whole EP is class and well worth a few euros.


In other Kitsune news LOGO have released a video for ‘La Vie Moderne’, which you can get here and watch here



Had to post these two gems tonight. You wait around for an age for some mindblowing remixes to come along, then two come along in the same night. It’s like they’re buses or something (I shall have to explain my ‘If you’re waiting for a bus, light up a ciggy’ theory to you another time.)

First up is the Monarchy remix of Kylie ‘Better Than Today’, which employs the same trick as that fella did with Justin Beiber ‘U Smile’ (which he actually employed to great effect at the start of his Autumn Mix, a while back). I mean he slows it down, by an indiscernable amount to produce an ethereal wave of sound that drifts behind the track like a Siren. The overall effect is beautiful to hear.

Kylie Minogue – Better Than Today (Monarchy Kylie Through The Wormhole remix)

Next is A-Trak’s remix of Robyn ‘Indestuctible’ which is a disco house bomb-ah. There’s some fantastic string action in this, the whole tune just exudes warm vibes and if it doesn’t get you deep inside, you’re probably in need of some better drugs. It actually makes my chest resonate (although it could be me shivering from the cold.)

Robyn – Indestrucible (A-Trak Radio Edit)


Art by bub613s

Gesaffelstein is hot as hell at the moment, garnering support from some of the top DJs about. His new EP was released on November 9 on Turbo Records and you can get it here. Listen before you buy here

His are the sort of tunes you could hear out, hammering out of a massive sound system, or sit in and listen to on headphones and lose yourself for a while. There’s the journey in his music, when you forget you’re listening to a dance tune at all. I had the EP on repeat whilst reading the other night and listened to it three times without even noticing. This isn’t to say that the music is dull, insignificant- It just encompasses you. You’re involved without even being aware. I was thinking about what other producers can do that, suck you in totally and the only one I could think of, offhand, was Trentemoller.

Gesaffelstein – Atmosphere

Another tune I’ve had on repeat recently is Robortom ‘Paginini Rocks’ featuring the beautiful Au Revoir Simone. Tom Middleton and Rob da Bank have reworked Paginini’s ’24th Caprice’ into a lovely little club anthem. You’ll probably be familiar with ’24th Caprice’ as the theme to the South Bank Show. This is a bit different. Nice job though

Robortom – Paginini Rocks feat Au Revoir Simone