Bubbling Under…

Have you ever sent a drunken text? Posted a pissed tweet or Facebook status. I used to do the former quite a lot, waking in the morning with a feeling of dread deep inside, knowing that I’d said something bad, but unsure what it was. It was only later, when you got a message back, sometimes understanding, sometimes rightly annoyed, that the whole sorry episode would come rushing back. The worst for me was sending an anal sex joke to someones mum. That was terrible. It was made worse by the fact that I never got a reply. It just stayed, hanging there in the Really Embarassing Situation ether. There’s not a lot you can say in reply to a random 3am joke about bum fun, I realise, but a text to say I’d sent it to the wrong number or something would have made it a bit easier to take.

I sent an email to Alunageorge a while back, after I posted their last tune. It didn’t contain anything pornographic, thank god, but I may have had a bit of a rant. I didn’t get a reply. Bit gutted about that, but if I will insist on voicing my opinions on the state of the music industry and the nature of marketing to a complete stranger then what do I expect (I also likened them to Hurts, early Hurts, when they were all enigmatic like). Anyway, they’re still really good so balls to it. Live and learn.

Alunageorge – Double Sixes

When I listen to Alunageorge I can’t help thinking of Crystal Castles, with their disjointed pop. Both seemingly destroy the rules of how a tune should progress. It’s all over the place, with melody floating in and out, bonkers Casio like flourishes and a beat that sometimes gambles off into the corner of the room to hide. The one constant is Aluna’s vocal that guides you through the chaos, absolutely beautiful, childlike at times, giving it all some sense. I hope I’m not being too patronizing when I say that they have massive potential. Mass-ive potent-ial

I did get one answer to my question ‘Who the hell are Alunageorge?’

‘Perhaps we are just two people who met, made a track, liked it and then made another.’ ALUNAGEORGE


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