Art by bub613s

Gesaffelstein is hot as hell at the moment, garnering support from some of the top DJs about. His new EP was released on November 9 on Turbo Records and you can get it here. Listen before you buy here

His are the sort of tunes you could hear out, hammering out of a massive sound system, or sit in and listen to on headphones and lose yourself for a while. There’s the journey in his music, when you forget you’re listening to a dance tune at all. I had the EP on repeat whilst reading the other night and listened to it three times without even noticing. This isn’t to say that the music is dull, insignificant- It just encompasses you. You’re involved without even being aware. I was thinking about what other producers can do that, suck you in totally and the only one I could think of, offhand, was Trentemoller.

Gesaffelstein – Atmosphere

Another tune I’ve had on repeat recently is Robortom ‘Paginini Rocks’ featuring the beautiful Au Revoir Simone. Tom Middleton and Rob da Bank have reworked Paginini’s ’24th Caprice’ into a lovely little club anthem. You’ll probably be familiar with ’24th Caprice’ as the theme to the South Bank Show. This is a bit different. Nice job though

Robortom – Paginini Rocks feat Au Revoir Simone

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