Had to post these two gems tonight. You wait around for an age for some mindblowing remixes to come along, then two come along in the same night. It’s like they’re buses or something (I shall have to explain my ‘If you’re waiting for a bus, light up a ciggy’ theory to you another time.)

First up is the Monarchy remix of Kylie ‘Better Than Today’, which employs the same trick as that fella did with Justin Beiber ‘U Smile’ (which he actually employed to great effect at the start of his Autumn Mix, a while back). I mean he slows it down, by an indiscernable amount to produce an ethereal wave of sound that drifts behind the track like a Siren. The overall effect is beautiful to hear.

Kylie Minogue – Better Than Today (Monarchy Kylie Through The Wormhole remix)

Next is A-Trak’s remix of Robyn ‘Indestuctible’ which is a disco house bomb-ah. There’s some fantastic string action in this, the whole tune just exudes warm vibes and if it doesn’t get you deep inside, you’re probably in need of some better drugs. It actually makes my chest resonate (although it could be me shivering from the cold.)

Robyn – Indestrucible (A-Trak Radio Edit)

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