JBAG – X Ray Sex

Like Pavlov’s dogs anything Kitsune makes me froth a little bit at the mouth. It’s a problem I have, what can I do?

Add a little JBAG and I’m drooling all over the place (my keyboard is covered in the stuff as I type). I first fell in love with Jbag (Jerry Bouthier & Andrea Gorgerino) when they remixed S’Xpress’s ‘Stupid Litte Girls’ a couple of years back. It’s a perfect slab of electro goodness, from a time when slabs of electro goodness seemed to fall from the sky on an hourly basis. Before Black Eyed Peas and every other auto tuned bastard realised that making it ‘lectro would get you top of the chart.

They’ve remixed Kylie, Sparks and Ladyhawke, but you probably know them best from their association with Kitsune (yeah, another tissue please) and their Kitsune Maison minimixes. The minimixes themselves are works of genius, managing as they do to blend the often disparate sounds of the compliations into one coherent whole.

January 2011 sees them release their first single ‘X Ray Sex’. It is of course ace. Featuring the vocal talents of ex-Ping Pong Bitches, Louise Prey, it’s an uplifting smash, with timely  chimes and disco claps and other JBAG goodness. Love it, love it, love it. You can download the original mix for free at Kitsune Journal and I’ve got an exclusive remix by Jolie Cherie for download

JBAG – X Ray Sex

JBAG – X Ray Sex (Jolie Cherie Remix)

Those are the facts, here are the links-

JBAG Beatport


JBAG Amazon

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