Art by Swoon

Some breaks tonight, I think. First up is a new release on We Are Alive from Run Riot. He’s back to his breaksy best on this one, offering up two choice cuts for you edification. Both of these will give any dance floor, anywhere on the planet, in any solar system a good hammering. They make me wish I could DJ.

Run Riot – The Life/Rockin To The Massive

Out to buy on December 27th on We Are Live

Get it here

It was Tom Run Riot that put me onto Great Scott and I’m obviously eternally grateful to him for that. A bit like Run Riot, ‘Great’ Scott Novich isn’t getting tied up with genres, getting dumped in a pigeon hole. You’ll find him going all over the place with his production, dubstep, breaks, trip hop, even a bit of chill out. I don’t even know what jerk step is, but he does some and it’s good. I like that producers are stretching themselves and I think that this year has seen more of them doing it. Livens things up a bit.

Youthful Implants – Jah (Great Scott Jerkstep Remix)

Matthew Dunehoo – Don’t Kill Yourself (Great Scotts Get It Over With Remix)

Get over to Great Scott’s and Run Riot’s soundclouds and listen up

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