No Lists

It’s that time of year again when everyone is compelled to write a best of list. Not here at Squeaky Sneaker where lists stink of order and we don’t like that stink. Haven’t got a lot of time for lists. I enjoy reading them on other peoples blogs, but the thought of preparing one for myself is horrible. As a poker player you want to be moving onto the next hand all the time, not looking back on what you threw away. Keep it future, keep it stupid. What I’ve liked this year is on the blog and anything I’ve missed I’m going to keep to myself. Retain some mystery.

Needless to say it’s been a year of  great music and not so great music. A year of highs and lows. I haven’t purchased enough things, seen enough movies or gone to enough gigs. I’ve drunk too much, smoked to much and eaten too much crap that’s not good for me. I’ve laughed, I haven’t cried once, I’ve got very angry with THE POWERS THAT BE and generally being governed by a bunch of cunts. I’ve enjoyed protests and anger flooding onto the streets and I hope that there’s more of it next year.

2011 will be better in everyway from 2010. Hope you have a great one and stay tuned


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