This Is My Bag

I used to think that you can judge how good or bad your new year was going to be by how your NYE went. It’s probably superstitious twaddle (it is), but I always liked to imagine a night of sex, debauchery, booze and drugs would be mirrored through the next twelve months. This is why I used to cram as many of these things into one night as I could without getting arrested.

Times have changed and this new years eve I was in bed with a really bad cold, at half past nine. I struggled to neck a bottle of wine and though you could say that Lemsip is a drug of sorts, it was hardly very rock and roll.

So if I imposed my previous theory onto 2011 then you could assume it’s going to be really crap. But you’d be wrong! Oh yes you would…

You’d be wrong for two reasons – 1.Because my theory is rubbish and was just a good excuse to get off my tets and fall about and 2. Because seven days into the new year and we’ve already got some fresh JBAG for you. Next year I’m going to bed at half past…six…

To keep us focused on the release of ‘X Ray Sex’ at the end of January, JBAG have been in touch with a new exclusive remix and a best of 2010 mix – a gift for the new year. Listening to the mix below you realise why Kitsune always get JBAG to do the Maison minimixes. Pure seamless class

JBAG Best of 2010 DJ Mix

They’re promising a busy year of new tracks, remixes, re-edits and mixes. So screw the recession and the bloody Tories, JBAGS here to entertain you in 2011. Let the good times rolllllllll!

Here’s a new remix of X Ray Sex just for you. Enjoy

JBAG ‘X Ray Sex (Gabriel Gabriel remix – Jerry Bouthier Edit)’

Also check out this link to the acappella version stems. Download it and have a go at remixing it yourself.

If that’s not enough JBAG (and it isn’t) here’s a mix Jerry Bouthier did for Kitsune this christmas.

All in all, a good start to year – Oui? X Ray Sex is out on January 24th on Continental Records


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