Blackstrobe Records Launch

Let’s be honest here, I wouldn’t willingly pick a fight with Arnaud Rebotini. He has the look of a man who would rip you limb from limb, in the blink of an eye. Looks can be deceptive though, as they say, and though I’ve never met the producing legend, I’m sure he’s a bloody nice chap.

I digress…

Rebotini, of Blackstrobe fame, has gone and launched his own label, Blackstrobe Records. For me, a big fan of Blackstrobe since I was a small boy, this is very exciting news. Also buzzin’ me up is the prospect of a re-released Italian Fireflies, with accompanying package of remixes, a new Blackstrobe EP, a solo Arnaud Rebotini album and a best of Blackstrobe release, which will span thirteen years of electronic fun and games.

Blackstrobe Records are also promising to nurture and develop the next generation of French producers, so keep an eye open and check out the Blackstrobe site here. They’re giving away a free track right now, so get your ass over there and submit to their ‘give us your email’ wiles.

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