I’ve been remiss and haven’t blogged for almost a week! Had a momentary attack of the ‘getting a bit bored of this’, but now I’m refreshed, no longer suicidal and embracing the no feedback world of the blog once again.

What have we got? i think we should start with a bit of a banger.

Funkin Matt – Arp

Funkin Matt is an upcoming producer from Norway and while this may be more big room, lazer blinding, hands in the air fare than the stuff I normally post, it just stood out for me. I love the way he’s incorporating new sounds (there’s an owl hooting sampled in one of his tunes) into the genre, but always keeping an essential groove. Nice stuff.

My new love (thanks to Shtbyfrnd for the heads up again) is the chilled electronica of Labyrinth Ear (despite labyrinth being a word I always find it really hard to spell). This is noir pop, smoking a cigarette in a badly lit corner somewhere, flicking though a battered copy of Satre, hoping the bitty bottomed cup of black coffee will last long enough for the rain to stop outside. You can hear and download pretty much all of Labyrinth Ears tunes below. Check out their blog here and, if you must, prepare yourself and head over to their Myspace here

Liking the 90’s vibe of the new Katy B tune. Third single off the album now and likely to be #1 when it’s released on 27th March. You can pre-order it here



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