Nadia Oh – Kate Middleton

Nadio Oh featured on the Space Cowboy tune ‘My Egyptian Lover‘ back in 2007 (doesn’t seem that long ago, does it?) and released her debut album, Hot Like Wow, in 2008. She’s back now with a very timely release – Kate Middleton. Get the bunting out for this one –

Now I’ve got to admit, when I first got this, it prompted a proper rant on the bloody Royals and entitlement and all got a bit angry. Not really the place though, on a music blog  (if you’d like to hear my views on the Royal family and the wedding, email me at and I’ll regale you), so I’ll just leave it to Nadia Oh with this little chuggy dance floor number.

Take your money, we gonna take your money

EDIT – I realise that Nadia OH might have written this song in honour of Kate Middleton, something for the after wedding party perhaps, any negative overtones in this post are entirely my own

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