Silent H! – Monstrumental

This is some great stuff right here. Silent H! is Thom Hodkinson from here in the UK and he’s been producing tunes since 2010. Starting out in breaks, he switched his allegiance and started throwing out electro bangers like those on his new EP Monstrumental. It’s out now on THaF Records, so you know that you’re getting some pedal to the metal tuneage that will rip the roof off your house. THaF just don’t do subtle and that’s why I  love them more and more with each release.

Buy it here

Download a Silent H! DJ mix here

Silent H! – March Promo Mix


1. Silent H! – The Computer
2. VNNR – Sueme (Silent H! Edit)
3. K12 – Stupid Jam
4. Depuis91 – Erothiq (VNNR Shake the Room Remix)
5. D.I.M – It’s You (Silent H! Edit)
6. Dilemn – Pitless
7. The Boomzers – Rowentah (Far Too Loud Remix)
7. K12 – Step Back
8. Ikki – Bakala Banger
9. Matt Herdman – Hold On (VNNR Remix) (Slent H! Edit)
10. Busy P – To Protect And Entertain (Crookers Remix)
11. SebastiAn – Walkman Re-Edit (Silent H! Re-Edit)
12. Daft Punk / BreakWater – Robot Rock (Silent H! Edit)
13. ZZT – Lower State of Consciousness (Justice Remix)
14. The Destroy Squad – Call Me MR. God (Silent H! Remix)(NEW)
15. Skrillex – Weekend
16. Bang Chatter – Galactic Cats (Silent H! Gas Mark 9 Remix)
17. Troublegum – Blue Steel
18. Skrillex – Rock ‘N’ Roll
19. Silent H! – Megatron
20. Silent H! – Bellatrix (NEW)

And here’s a free download of his storming Beta Blocker, from last year.

Silent H! – Beta Blocker

Oh hang on, what’s this? Another free download? Oh go on then

Noisy Freaks – D.R.E.A.M (Silent H! Remix)

Honestly this remix is one of the sweetest things you’ll hear this year. Keep an eye on Silent H!. He’s due to support Jack Beats this year and there’s the promise of new releases to come.


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