Remix Competion – THaF Records

The Metalectro blog and THaF Records are joining forces and present you the very first remix competition hosted by the Metalectro blog! Here you can listen to the original track as well as find and download the stems for “Ghost House Beats” by The Hats. To submit, share your remix to this Soundcloud Group!

Don’t forget to read below and follow these 3 simple rules:

1. Make sure you also include a contact email in the track description so we can get in touch with you!
2. Please title the track in this format: The Hats – Ghost House Beats (YourName Remix)
3. Please don’t make the tracks downloadable until the competition is over!

The stems can be found in the Soundcloud Group or here:

You can also download the stems directly from

The winner will be released on Beatport by THaF Records in the “Ghost House Beats” EP (along side remixes by Snob Electro Sounds and  Comic Strips) and win a £50 Beatport voucher!!! The two runner ups (2nd and 3rd place) will win a limited edition mp3 CD of all the THaF Records releases so far.

In addition to these prizes all three will be featured on the THaF Records site and on the Metalectro blog, as well as get interviewed by the Metalectro blog. Also, the three winning remixes will get featured in the three Metalectro MixTapes that will follow the end of this competition.

The deadline for track submission is the 20th of April! The results will be posted on both the THaF Records site ( and Metalectro blog (…

Here’s the original mix of The Hats “Ghost House Beats”!

Remixers, you may now begin!!!

Good luck and happy remixing!!!

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