Street Sounds Crucial Electro 1

When I first heard Street Sounds in ’86 I was a long haired metal kid and to say it was a shock to my musical system is an understatement. It kicked all I knew about music firmly in the head. Stu had a copy of it on cassette and he actually did play it to me on his ‘boom box’. Even though I was a rock kid at heart, I still appreciated other music in my head and the shit that was going on with this just blew me away. White English kids didn’t hear this sort of music on Radio One!

Short of making me buy Kangol and sneakers this is probably one of the most influential albums for me. Ok I slipped in and out of rawrk music again, abandoning this sort of stuff for a while, but it shaped my future music taste more than I could know then. Still class after 25 years

You really need to own this album. Most of the stuff you listen to now is either ripped off from, or heavily influenced by the artists here.

Street Sounds website

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