Tommie Sunshine ‘Spring Sprung’ Mix

The sun is blazing outside, birds are cleansing my garden of hawthorn flies and I’ve got  a day off tomorrow, so that a couple of rich kids can get married at my expense. I’m hoping to get at least a piece of wedding cake posted to me, in one of those little cardboard boxes that predictably fall apart in the post. Squashed cake is better than no cake.

To add to the all round goodness of the day there’s a fresh new mix from Tommie Sunshine to consume and enjoy. I’ll leave it up to Tommie to describe the mix himself –


‘Since the radio is full of mainstream dance music right now, I decided to pull things WAY underground for this mix. The world is operating at a fever-pitch and this is the soundtrack of you closing your eyes on a Saturday night and cutting the cords that hold you to this Earth. This is straight up, psychedelic dance music that is intended to cause a state of disconnection with the real world and its made with ultimate love. Do whatever it is that takes you to that place and turn this the fuck up and play it LOUD!’


1. Shinichi Osawa feat. Tommie Sunshine – Love Will Guide You
2. TWR72 – Future Tool
3. Evil Nine – It’s You
4. Cassius – Les Enfants [Gesaffelstein Remix]
5. Moby – The Day [Lifelike Remix]
6. Afrojack – Bubblegum
7. Bob Sinclar – Fuck The Disco
8. Green Velvet – Flash [Nicky Romero Remix]
9. MyBack (Albin Myers, John Dahlback) – Clap Yo Handz
10. Bart B More – Traction
11. 2 Guys In Venice – Polizei
12. Codes – God Bless
13. Crookers Pres. Dr. Gonzo feat. Neoteric & Wax Motif – Springer
14. Fuser – Bangtuk
15. Crookers Pres. Dr. Gonzo feat. Savage Skulls – Bust ‘Em Up
16. Berou & Canblaster – Kapongo Dance [Congorock Remix]
17. Brodinski – Manifesto
18. Felix Cartal – The Joker
19. Fat & Ugly – Elephant Attack
20. Gigi Barocco feat. Jane Bang – Crunk It [Tom Deluxx Remix]
21. Punks Jump Up – Blockhead [Hey Today! Remix]
22. Bart B More & Tommie Sunshine – Drop Acid
23. King Cosmic — Acid (In My Soul) [Kink remix/Snuff Crew Edit]
24. Shinichi Osawa – Love Will Guide You feat. Tommie Sunshine [Edwin Van Cleef Remix]

As usual, click the arrow on the player to download the full mix. Enjoy!

Kitsune Maison 11

I imagine when my kids are older they’ll be raving about the new Kitsune Maison # 136 on Holo-Band or whatever technology they will invent in years to come to totally alienate me from the younger generation. There needs to be a stage when your offspring grow apart from you, in fashion, music and probably drug use. It’s only right. The generation gap has shrunk, since I were a lad, but there will come a day when the kids come home listening to something that I will disdainfully dismiss as ‘not music’. I’m sure it won’t be the new Kitsune, which I like to imagine we will sit and listen to together, possibly in my potting shed. It’ll be the equivalent of taking your kid to the footy on a Saturday, a rite of passage. Something that will reach across the gaping chasm that is  the AGE GAP and unite us in a misty eyed moment of mutual comprehension. I may even play them Kitsune Maison 1, on a vintage MP3 player and it will be like playing The Beatles on a gramophone.


Like a a rumble of distant thunder, preceding the storm,  every Kitsune Maison must come with a mini mix, melded together by the incomparable Jerry Bouthier. Here it is for your listening pleasure, get the juices going for the release on May 16th. Click the arrow to download.

Guards – Resolution of One EP

Today I asked myself the question ‘do I only  like a song because it’s released on Kitsune, or do I just like everything that gets released on Kitsune?’ They do seem to be releasing a volley of great tunes at the moment, so for now we’ll go with the latter explanation.

Guards is a vehicle for the all rounder talent of Richie Follin, who produced, mixed and recorded the bands first album ‘Guards’ last year. He’s back now with a new EP, Resolution of One, on Kitsune,  released on May 16th.

Resolution of One has a real old time rock and roll feel to it. Imagine walking passed the open door of the school gym, while the prom band warm up, holding your cup of JD laced soda, eager for the nights proceedings to begin and just hoping the chaperones won’t notice the bottle bulge in your jacket pocket. This is what the title track brings to mind for me, even though the closest I’ve come to a prom is Back to the Future or maybe Carrie.

Guards – Resolution of One

Guards Bandcamp

Kitsune have also released a new Battle of the Beautiful People Taking Their Clothes Off to Great Music video to herald the arrival of Kitsune Maison 11. Thankfully this one seems to be a bit better tempered than the last one, with Hercules (or whatever his name was) dropped for sulking, with Nani up for another round. Keep your eyes peeled for tracklisting and other news.

One of the greatest, truly life affirming things for me is that moment in a club when they drop the big bomb track and the whole place goes mental. You can be wobbling your ass along quite happily to hours of tunes, pretty much oblivious to anyone around you, then some track will come in and next thing complete strangers are hugging, jumping in the air together and hi fiving like they’ve known each other since they popped out of the womb.

LMFAO ‘Party Rock Anthem’ wasn’t one of those tunes, I’ve got to admit. It’s the song I hear on the radio and think it’s Black Eyed Peas. I quite like the poolside chorus, but the rest of it is faux radio fodder. I’m sure there are people that could get off like a bastard to it, but not me.

Anyway – Tommie Sunshine and Vande & Gross get their hands on it and they tweek it here and there, they heavy up that bass, sprinkle some hands in the air house dust over it and suddenly it’s a whole different beast. Now, at about 3.27 to 3.55, we’ve  got ourselves A MOMENT. You’ve got lazers going off, the dry ice is choking you and that fella next to you with the saucer eyes and sweat soaked tee is your best friend for life. Good time party music of the highest order.

LMFAO – Party Anthem (Tommie Sunshine & Vande & Gross Edit) MP3


Cracking remix of Hurts ‘ Better Than Love’ from Burns has popped up. Hurts have been locked away in the room called Midly Disapointed since I heard the album, but Burns has reinvigorated this, one of their better tracks. I think I wanna dance now…