Polarsets are from Newcastle and they make the sort of radio friendly fare that will see them marching to success, with nations singing in step behind them. Possibly doing what ever it is you do to a cowbell to make it work. They’re a little bit Friendly Fires and quite a lot Two Door Cinema Club, which is not a bad thing at all. They share TDCC’s eerie knack of implanting a chorus in your head. Try listening to ‘Leave Argentina’ once or twice, then have a go at not humming it for the rest of the day. It’s joyous, it’s bouncing, it’s kicking off your shoes and jumping into the hazy river in your undies

Kitsune have an ear for this sort of thing and so they’re releasing the trio’s next single ‘Sunshine Eyes’ on April 18th.

As Micheal Eavis said of Polarset-

“It is not very often when I’m asked to judge music that one band stands out so far above the rest as this one did!”

We’d have to agree.

Polarsets Website


Check out the video for previous single ‘Morning’

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