One of the greatest, truly life affirming things for me is that moment in a club when they drop the big bomb track and the whole place goes mental. You can be wobbling your ass along quite happily to hours of tunes, pretty much oblivious to anyone around you, then some track will come in and next thing complete strangers are hugging, jumping in the air together and hi fiving like they’ve known each other since they popped out of the womb.

LMFAO ‘Party Rock Anthem’ wasn’t one of those tunes, I’ve got to admit. It’s the song I hear on the radio and think it’s Black Eyed Peas. I quite like the poolside chorus, but the rest of it is faux radio fodder. I’m sure there are people that could get off like a bastard to it, but not me.

Anyway – Tommie Sunshine and Vande & Gross get their hands on it and they tweek it here and there, they heavy up that bass, sprinkle some hands in the air house dust over it and suddenly it’s a whole different beast. Now, at about 3.27 to 3.55, we’ve  got ourselves A MOMENT. You’ve got lazers going off, the dry ice is choking you and that fella next to you with the saucer eyes and sweat soaked tee is your best friend for life. Good time party music of the highest order.

LMFAO – Party Anthem (Tommie Sunshine & Vande & Gross Edit) MP3


Cracking remix of Hurts ‘ Better Than Love’ from Burns has popped up. Hurts have been locked away in the room called Midly Disapointed since I heard the album, but Burns has reinvigorated this, one of their better tracks. I think I wanna dance now…

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