Kitsune Maison 11

I imagine when my kids are older they’ll be raving about the new Kitsune Maison # 136 on Holo-Band or whatever technology they will invent in years to come to totally alienate me from the younger generation. There needs to be a stage when your offspring grow apart from you, in fashion, music and probably drug use. It’s only right. The generation gap has shrunk, since I were a lad, but there will come a day when the kids come home listening to something that I will disdainfully dismiss as ‘not music’. I’m sure it won’t be the new Kitsune, which I like to imagine we will sit and listen to together, possibly in my potting shed. It’ll be the equivalent of taking your kid to the footy on a Saturday, a rite of passage. Something that will reach across the gaping chasm that is  the AGE GAP and unite us in a misty eyed moment of mutual comprehension. I may even play them Kitsune Maison 1, on a vintage MP3 player and it will be like playing The Beatles on a gramophone.


Like a a rumble of distant thunder, preceding the storm,  every Kitsune Maison must come with a mini mix, melded together by the incomparable Jerry Bouthier. Here it is for your listening pleasure, get the juices going for the release on May 16th. Click the arrow to download.

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