{Trailer} The Trip

Quite simply you need this film in your life. It was first shown in half hour episodes on BBC2 on a Sunday night and in the UK no one watched it. I think it was on at the same time as the X-Factor results show or some other puerile shit. To be honest I quite enjoyed the fact that only a select few people understood when I suddenly shouted “TO BED!’. Like many of the quieter TV moments it helped you decide if someone was worth bothering with or not.

I thought The Trip was a documentary when it was first trailed, but really it’s a gentle comedic character study, with a wonderful North English backdrop and a brilliant script. I remember that I was totally gutted when this ended, my Sunday nights once again taken over by ten year old CSI or watching Gwen and Glen poncing up a Sarf London semi in a repeat of Grand Designs that I’d seen twelve times before.

The Trip is released on June 10th

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