Image by AZRainman via Freaking News

It’s Fathers Day, so Daddy’s allowed to post.

Tommie Sunshine has a new tune out, on Ultra Records, released July 5th.  ‘Tonight’s The Night’ is a harder, more aggressive affair than usual from Mr Sunshine, which maybe thanks to the influence of Bart B More and Jan Driver, who produced and mastered the track. It definitely has that Boys Noize feel to it and we love that a lot.  It features the vocals of Tiffany Roth, of  Midnight Magic, who has a proper disco diva range, illustrated brilliantly on MM’s own ‘Beam Me Up’, from last year.

We’ve only got a taster to post for now, unfortunately, but if you press repeat a few times, it’ll be like you’ve got the whole track!

Tommie Sunshine – Tonight’s The Night (Preview)

Tommie is producing and releasing music quicker than his hair grows this year and that’s pretty damn quick, so we’ll move on to a new release on Brooklyn Fire, before something else comes out.

‘Bangtuk’ by Fuser is a Dutch house leveller, with a rich seam of old school rave running through it. Think 1991, think Quadrophonia, Ellis Dee and you’re in the vicinity. It’s going to appeal to the techno heads and the old timers in equal parts and it’s getting heavy support from Tiesto, Bart b More and Laidback Luke. This will be the third release on Brooklyn Fire and you can get you hands on it June 28th.

Fuser – Bangtuk

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