The Whip – Wired Together (Album Sampler)

I’ve been waiting for three years for The Whip’s new album, watching teaser videos of them in the studio, reading their tweets on the recording progress, catching the odd snippet of new material in live footage, all the time thinking ‘COME ON, HURRY UP!’ I’m not the best at waiting for stuff to happen.

Finally then, their new album Wired Together is due to be released in…(sigh)…September! But not to worry, because there’s five tracks off the release to tide us over until then.

The Whip – Wired Together (Sampler)

Wired Together was produced with Jagz Kooner and it carries on where ‘X-Marks Destination’ left off, with stylish dance floor orientated beats and Bruce’s distinctive vocal, sounding a bit like Ian Brown in places. The blurb says it is ‘a more lyrical version of the bands dance music’. There are more words.

Wired Together is available for pre-order from the bands web site today and you’ll get five tracks off the album straight away when you do.

The Whip are playing the Wireless Festival, July 2nd, in Hyde Park and will be appearing at The Music’s farewell gigs at the Brixton Academy on 4th August and Leeds Academy on 5th/6th August.

One thought on “The Whip – Wired Together (Album Sampler)”

  1. this blog should be printed out and put on every bus in london

    Now WordPress tells me this comment is spam, but I agree wholeheartedly with Heddi, this blog should be printed and left on a bus. If someone could do that, that would be great. Thanks << Squeaky Sneaker

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