JSK feat.Dances With White Girls – Shake That Thing

Always a good moment in a blogger’s life, when two people you’ve followed and posted get together for the good of mankind.

In this case we have JSK, with his bass heavy, ground levelling electro and Tommie Sunshine’s new Brooklyn Fire label, whose twain’s are meeting for the release of  ‘Shake That Thing’.

The fourth issue from BF is a characteristically loopy JSK offering, featuring Dances With White Girls. Only a preview on offer at the moment, but we’re straight in there, with a crazy build up that eventually plummets down into a groaning level of bass badness that will once again test any sub your speakers or cans have left unprotected.

JSK – Shake That Thing

Mixed by BNRs own Jan Driver, JSK admits that ‘Shake That Thing’ is ‘really THE biggest track of my music collection’ and we couldn’t really argue. Expect a release sometime mid August

Also check out JSKs remix of Sawgood – Not So Funny

Sawgood – Not So Funny (JSK Remix)

Polarsets – Morning

Following up their debut release, ‘Sunshine Eyes’, on Kitsune, Polarsets are ready to put out their second single on ‘almost as cool as Kitsune’ label, Neon Gold. For a band that’s just starting out, to get your first two tunes distributed by one of these taste making labels would be good going, to land both is something else. What it shows is that Polarsets are here to stay, backing up the early promise of ‘Sunshine Eyes’ with the cowbell ladened  ‘Morning’, that dances along in the vein of TDCC, all youthful abandon, floaty dresses and dashing through the long grass in the sunrise.

Polarsets – Morning

Released August 7th on Neon Gold/Moda

Gomma – Jerry Bouthier Mix & Edits

Say Gomma, now say Jerry Bouthier. Put them together, what do you get? Well, what you get is potentially the best collaboration since Cleopatra asked Anthony over, for a bit of rug action and a go on her asp.Hopefully with a more positive outcome.

Gomma have been around for over a decade, with releases from Headman, label owners Munk and Telonius, WhoMadeWho, Golden Bug, Diskokaine, The Glimmers and Moulineux. Ask any dance fan to list five dance labels and Gomma would feature on there somewhere.

Alan 1 – Concertmate (Bobermann Remix)

So it transpires that Jerry Bouthier is also a fan of Gomma and when he offered to put together a mix of Gomma artists, they were quite keen to see what he could throw together. For the ‘100% Gomma’ mix Bouthier has combined 26 tracks, featuring well know Gomma artists, as well as tracks from Rodion, The Phenominal Handclap Band, Mercury and Dimitri From Paris, with remixes from Cut Copy, Zombie Nation, The Twelves and Clock Opera.

There’s also a four track EP release on Gomma, featuring JB edits of Munk, Alan 1, Diskokaine and Golden Bug. Release date 19th August. In the absence of any postable previews of the EP tracks, here are some edits that Jerry Bouthier made earlier. You can hear snippets of the tracks and pre-order the EP here

The B52’s – Mesopotamia (JB Edit) MP3

The Glass – Four Letter (Black Van Remix JB Edit) MP3

The full mix will be out soon, following a Gomma Club Tour, with Jerry Bouthier, Munk and Telonius

Arthur Baker – Breakers Revenge (Freestylers Remix)

I was hunting around for something to soundtrack a sunny Sunday afternoon. Nothing too heavy, or the family would rebel. Pretty much everything on available hard drives was unsuitable, as were most of the cd’s to hand. I turned to Youtube and happened upon this –

I didn’t know the tune, or Northend, but I liked it, so I had a bit of a Google about and found out that it was the work of Arthur Baker. Now Baker is a hero to many, myself included, working with Afrika Bambaataa, Rockers Revenge and, most pertinent to me, New Order. He produced two of my favourite New Order tracks ‘Confusion’ and ‘Thieves Like Us’ and I once had the pleasure of seeing him DJ. The memory of him, blatantly fucked out of his head, but still throwing out a storming set is still as fresh now as his tunes remain.

As happens quite a lot with me, finding the Northend track led me on a merry old hunt, through remixes of Cyndi Lauper, Bruce Springsteen and finally onto 1984’s ‘Breakers Revenge’ from the Beat Street score.

By now the family were mightily pissed off that I was hiding in the lounge and had gone to the park without me. Distraught, I had to make do with this rather excellent remix from Freestylers, until they came home.

Arthur Baker – Breakers Revenge (Freestylers Remix)

Thus goes my life