Arthur Baker – Breakers Revenge (Freestylers Remix)

I was hunting around for something to soundtrack a sunny Sunday afternoon. Nothing too heavy, or the family would rebel. Pretty much everything on available hard drives was unsuitable, as were most of the cd’s to hand. I turned to Youtube and happened upon this –

I didn’t know the tune, or Northend, but I liked it, so I had a bit of a Google about and found out that it was the work of Arthur Baker. Now Baker is a hero to many, myself included, working with Afrika Bambaataa, Rockers Revenge and, most pertinent to me, New Order. He produced two of my favourite New Order tracks ‘Confusion’ and ‘Thieves Like Us’ and I once had the pleasure of seeing him DJ. The memory of him, blatantly fucked out of his head, but still throwing out a storming set is still as fresh now as his tunes remain.

As happens quite a lot with me, finding the Northend track led me on a merry old hunt, through remixes of Cyndi Lauper, Bruce Springsteen and finally onto 1984’s ‘Breakers Revenge’ from the Beat Street score.

By now the family were mightily pissed off that I was hiding in the lounge and had gone to the park without me. Distraught, I had to make do with this rather excellent remix from Freestylers, until they came home.

Arthur Baker – Breakers Revenge (Freestylers Remix)

Thus goes my life


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