Gomma – Jerry Bouthier Mix & Edits

Say Gomma, now say Jerry Bouthier. Put them together, what do you get? Well, what you get is potentially the best collaboration since Cleopatra asked Anthony over, for a bit of rug action and a go on her asp.Hopefully with a more positive outcome.

Gomma have been around for over a decade, with releases from Headman, label owners Munk and Telonius, WhoMadeWho, Golden Bug, Diskokaine, The Glimmers and Moulineux. Ask any dance fan to list five dance labels and Gomma would feature on there somewhere.

Alan 1 – Concertmate (Bobermann Remix)

So it transpires that Jerry Bouthier is also a fan of Gomma and when he offered to put together a mix of Gomma artists, they were quite keen to see what he could throw together. For the ‘100% Gomma’ mix Bouthier has combined 26 tracks, featuring well know Gomma artists, as well as tracks from Rodion, The Phenominal Handclap Band, Mercury and Dimitri From Paris, with remixes from Cut Copy, Zombie Nation, The Twelves and Clock Opera.

There’s also a four track EP release on Gomma, featuring JB edits of Munk, Alan 1, Diskokaine and Golden Bug. Release date 19th August. In the absence of any postable previews of the EP tracks, here are some edits that Jerry Bouthier made earlier. You can hear snippets of the tracks and pre-order the EP here

The B52’s – Mesopotamia (JB Edit) MP3

The Glass – Four Letter (Black Van Remix JB Edit) MP3

The full mix will be out soon, following a Gomma Club Tour, with Jerry Bouthier, Munk and Telonius

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