‘Now’s The Time’ by Swoon

I really don’t get enough time to listen to tunes, even though every free minute I get usually involves me listening to music in some form or another. Whether it’s enduring eight hours of Planet Cock at work, or barrelling along in my green devil of a car, with the stereo going, there’s always something on. At night when I get an hour or so to sit down with my headphones on, it just ain’t long enough to absorb the mass of stuff that’s about. Sometimes it gets overwhelming, sometimes I hate everything I hear.

Sinden & SBTRKT – Midnight Marauder

Ronika – In The City

So the plan is to start a regular weekly post of all the stuff I’ve heard recently, but haven’t got the time to post about separately. Sort of how I did it when I first started out doing this.

Housse De Racket – Champions (Edwin van Cleef Remix)

I don’t listen to music radio very much, but sometimes driving to work at half five I’ll catch the excellent Rob Da Bank’s show on Radio One. There was a moment, driving down the narrow lanes close to where I live, with the sun still low and hazy over freshly harvested fields, when he put this Joe Goddard tune on and I was truly away. You can experience god in a shitty car.

Joe Goddard.(feat Valentina) – Gabriel

Mint Julep – Aviary

I love The Weeknd, even though his soft sounding hard edged R&B isn’t usually my sort of thing. Drake never does it for me and at times it sounds a bit Craig David, but you know what, he’s a real talent and I should sometimes just bury the negative shit and enjoy.

The Weeknd – Rolling Stone (Grandtheft Extended Dub)

Cass McCombs – The Same Thing

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