Breton – The Commision

Someone once said that ‘writing about music is like dancing about architecture’ and they were spot on. Personally I find it really difficult to describe a tune, because a lot of the time it’s more about how the music makes you feel than anything else, more tangible. I’ve been listening to a lot of Wu Lyf recently and if anyone asked me to describe what it sounded like, I’d have to tell them that I wasn’t sure, but it made me feel all tribal. Lester Bangs would have done a better job, I’m sure, but then I’m not working for Rolling Stone. Writing every now and then for a music blog is hard enough work, for the musically illiterate, without someone paying me to do it and for it to have to make any sense. Gonna have to learn to dance Grand Designs, I suppose

This brings me to Breton’s ‘The Commisison’, which I heard, loved and then struggled to get a hold on, descriptively. I retired to the garden, with a ciggy and headphones and watched the sun go down over the cows in the field, behind my house. I pretty quickly realised that there wasn’t a whole lot I could say, beyond urging you to listen to it, in the right place and in the right mood. Because it really is quite special.

Breton – The Commision

Or you could watch the video, by BretonLABS and Stuart Sinclair and see how the band themselves visualise it.

Breton’s debut album ‘Other People’s Problems’ is due for release in February 2012 on Fat Cat Records, following on from the critically acclaimed EP ‘Counter Balance’ that was out last year. Tom Vek had them as support on his recent UK tour and if that isn’t a ringing endorsement of what Breton are about, then I don’t know what a ringing endorsement is.


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