JSK vs Digital Baboons Mix Vol.1

Lunatic mix from JSK and Digital Baboons for download tonight. Bass heavy – play it loud. Enjoy!

JSK vs Digital Baboons Mix Vol 1



David Guetta – The Alphabeat (Original Mix)
JSK – Droppin feat. Rum Boys (Original Mix)
JSK – Shake That Thing feat. Dances With White Girls (Original Mix)
Modek – By The Pool (Original Mix)
Congorock – Liu Kang’s Theme
JSK – Once Again (Original Mix)

Digital Baboons

Ayoo – Clockwork (Original Mix)
Dynasty – Plancha (Original Mix)
Inside Out Boy – Dirty Throat (Original Mix)
Tebori – Ultimate Change (Tebori Mashup)
Mom & Dad – Judas (Dem Slackers Remix)
Baskerville – Leecher (Original Mix)
Wolfgang Gartner – 818 (Original Mix)


They’re forecasting a heat wave for the end of the week, an Indian summer if you will, so here’s a couple of tracks to celebrate. It’s been suggested that I take the blog more seriously and though I strongly suspect that’s impossible, I can but give it a go. So, think of this as the beginning of a more serious Squeaky Sneaker…cough, right then…

I was totally obsessed with this video a couple of months ago and Lana Del Rey with her Bardot looks is a very intriguing proposition. What a voice.

Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Club Cliques For The Bad Girls remix)

Great new remix from Fear of Tigers who takes the Ronika track “Only Only’ and transforms it from a run of the mill 80’s pastiche into basically a Petshop Boys tune.

Ronika – Only Only (Fear of Tigers Remix)

This Mr Miyagi remix of Cicada ‘The Things You Say’ has been around a little while, so I’m a bit late on it. There is a lovely drop at about 2.43, that if this was vinyl, would be scratched to hell now, from me playing it again and again.

Cicada  – The Things You Say (Mr Miyagi Remix)

Cyborg Boy – I Can See

My favourite noise in a club is the whump whump bass. When that whump happens, it’s the moment when everything else just goes away and you’re immersed in electro euphoria. If you’ve got someone good on the decks, they can keep the waves of whump coming at you until you’re a gibbering wreck, merely flopping about, not even dancing anymore. This is what it’s all about.

Cyborg Boy is from Ireland and boy can whump. His new tune ‘I Can See’ is out now on THaF records. Check him out on his Soundcloud  and drop by Mixcloud to enjoy some of his mixes

Cyborg Boy – I Can See EP

Pick up ‘I Can See’ here

Basement Jaxx – Red Alert (HeavyFeet v Nick Thayer Bootleg)

Memories of this track. Going to see Basement Jaxx in Liverpool, dancing like a loon, falling over my own pint, smacking my head on the speaker, a pocket full of joints falling out in front of an amused security guard as I tried to stem the blood. Happy days!

HeavyFeet and Nick Thayer put this bootleg together while on a tour of Oz and it’s the first of a number of collabs to see the light of day. Keep your ears open for more…

Basement Jaxx – Red Alert (HeavyFeet v Nick Thayer Bootleg)

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