Photo by Rick Marland

I’ve mixed feelings about autumn. On one hand it’s the most atmospheric season, calm (once the violent winds have abated) and colourful, trees taking on fiery hues, before dumping their load everywhere. It’s also a  sad time. Death is sad. Everything that can is either flying away to warmer climes or finding a big warm hole to bury itself into, while all around everything is shrivelling up, dropping off, or curling up. In one final burst of colour, we’re left to contemplate the dark and cold of winter, wrapped up, pale and ill looking, watching the birds migrating, shaking an angry, futile fist and cursing any lack of proper summer and impending Christmas to come…

M83 – Intro. feat Zola Jesus

Picture Book – Sunshine

Blu – Jesus

The Japanese Popstars. feat Robert Smith – Take Forever

Folks – Avalanche

Jackson 5  – ABC (A Skillz Remix)

Battlekat – Into The Forest (DREAMTRAK Remix)

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