Tributes To DJ Mehdi


DJ Mehdi was at the forefront, or at least the forefront of the second wave, of artists that changed music for me, between 2005 and 2007. He was part of the Ed Banger team, along with Justice, SebastiAn, Busy P, Feadz and Uffie, who created a French scene and a French sound, that was hugely unique and influential. For a while there, they ruled the world.

When he died, earlier this week, I wanted to post something that illustrated his talents, a mix, one of his remixes, or one of his originals, the seminal Singnatune. Everyone else was doing that though, so I held off.

Luckily a few clips have emerged over the last couple of days that gave me an idea for a fitting tribute. Notable acts have been playing out and dropping Mehdi into their sets and it’s really the reaction of the crowd, especially in the 2Manydjs clip, that indicates what DJ Mehdi meant to people in the clubs, where he made so many happy

RIP DJ Mehdi










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