They’re forecasting a heat wave for the end of the week, an Indian summer if you will, so here’s a couple of tracks to celebrate. It’s been suggested that I take the blog more seriously and though I strongly suspect that’s impossible, I can but give it a go. So, think of this as the beginning of a more serious Squeaky Sneaker…cough, right then…

I was totally obsessed with this video a couple of months ago and Lana Del Rey with her Bardot looks is a very intriguing proposition. What a voice.

Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Club Cliques For The Bad Girls remix)

Great new remix from Fear of Tigers who takes the Ronika track “Only Only’ and transforms it from a run of the mill 80’s pastiche into basically a Petshop Boys tune.

Ronika – Only Only (Fear of Tigers Remix)

This Mr Miyagi remix of Cicada ‘The Things You Say’ has been around a little while, so I’m a bit late on it. There is a lovely drop at about 2.43, that if this was vinyl, would be scratched to hell now, from me playing it again and again.

Cicada  – The Things You Say (Mr Miyagi Remix)

2 thoughts on “Sapid”

    1. Yeah love the whole faded retro vibe of the Del Rey.
      Fear of Tigers always delivers an ace remix. Check out his other stuff, if you haven’t already
      Thanks for the comment

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