Mustard Pimp – No Title Or Purpose

Was feeling a bit knackered tonight and didn’t fancy blogging owt. This all changed when I listened to Mustard Pimp’s debut album ‘No Title Or Purpose’. Suddenly I’m re-invigorated. In fact I’m prancing around the floor like a hopped up child. Every track on here would inflict some serious damage if played in a very dark room with very big speakers.

Blurb –

After years of experimentation deep in their underground production bunker, Mustard Pimp emerges with their highly anticipated first full length album – No Title Or Purpose.
This genre smashing effort, plays like the script of Dr. Frankenstein, reforming the best parts of electronic, big beat, rock n roll, acid, drum & bass, hip hop and even surf into a musical monster the likes of which has never been seen.
With sonic co-creators like Jimmy Urine, Alec Empire, Dirtyphonics, Chali2na, Blatta & Inesha, Zé, and Puppetmastaz, this is one monster that can’t be stopped. Forget what you know about electronic music, Mustard Pimp’s “No Title Or Purpose” is gonna eat your brain.

Pre-order now. Out on Dim Mak October 25th

Links –

Mustard Pimp Facebook

Mustard Pimp Twitter

Mustard Pimp Beatport

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