Wild Swim – The Fallout

Sometimes you get to hear a band and they’re so accomplished and confident in their craft that you’re sure that they’ve been around for years. Then you find out that they’ve been together for a day and that they’re twelve and your world cracks just a little bit.

Wild Swim have been around a while longer than a day and they’re not twelve, but they’re still making music that belies their years. Starting out as Picturehouse a couple of years ago, with an EP ‘Bright Eyes’ , the band changed the name shortly after to avoid a possibly litigious fight with another band of the same name. Wild Swim were reborn, the name lifted from the cover of a Kate Rew novel and they’ve used the transition to begin again.

The new era ushers in an intriguing mix of minimalism and melodrama, with Richard Samson’s lead vocal bringing to mind Scott Walker, or maybe Neil Hannon and a wide range of musical influences combining together into a progressive pop pot-pourri of post dubstep, artpop and club culture. Give them a listen below and check them out at their Bandcamp, or on their own site

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