Ultrasonic 7 – Bare Walkin’

I’ve listened to a few albums recently where track one blends into two and three, drags on into four, five and six and by track ten or eleven you’ve lost track of which song you’re listening to and you’ve left the room to make a cup of tea.

Not so with Ultrasonic 7’s new album ‘Bare Walkin’ which takes you on a journey through disco, nu-disco, future disco, electro, deep house and funk, with each track as fresh and vibrant as the last. They took a hiatus before recording this and it shows through in the production. There’s an uplifting vibe to the album that says they enjoyed making it, almost as much as you’ll enjoy listening to it. Little party in (CD) box.

The album is out in November through Regalia Recordings. Have a listen to the mini mix below for a taste.

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