Happy Birthday THaF Records!

We first featured THaF Records in October last year and tomorrow they’re celebrating their first birthday (ish). In the last year they’ve introduced us to some great electro tuneage, by the likes of JSK, Bullwack, The Hats, Footjam, Silent H!, Jackiroqs and Mike Hindle. To celebrate they’ve put together’ Movement’, a twenty two track compilation of unreleased THaF tracks.

BoЯRoBeats has put together a minimix to give a taste of what you can expect from the release and you can download it below.

Movement – One Year Anniversary Compilation minimix

Also you should have a browse at THaF Records store.There’s some top stuff on there,  spend a bit of money. Go on – ah go on…

Compilation tracklist in the comments.

One thought on “Happy Birthday THaF Records!”

  1. Tracklist

    1. Jackiroqs – Inside [unreleased]
    2. Cafe Croissants – Anastasia [unreleased]
    3. Mike Hindle – Twist It [unreleased]
    4. The Rox – Syntetic [unreleased]
    5. LeReezo – The Reptilians [unreleased]
    6. Heapy – Yeah Man! [unreleased]
    7. Snob Electro Sounds – Speak Up [unreleased]
    8. Disco BangerZ – Break It [unreleased]
    9. Hazardous Material – Return Of The Gargons [unreleased]
    10. Karasho – Twins [unreleased]
    11. Cyborg Boy – Invasion [unreleased]
    12. The Hats – Domino [unreleased]
    13. Spunker – Set You Ok! [unreleased]
    14. ShearGen1us – Take it to the Floor [unreleased]
    15. S_X – Bunga Bunga [unreleased]
    16. Akitar – 1997 beginning [unreleased]
    17. Ferdee ft Em-Rah – Absolutely Disgusting [unreleased]
    18. Electrofixed – Pompamagna [unreleased]
    19. Silent H! – The Enforcer [unreleased]
    20. V&Z – Blue Shift [unreleased]
    21. Kotedurone – C.P.M [unreleased]
    22. JSK – de Dust [unreleased]

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