A Quiet Corner

Woke up mellow this morning and I so needed something musically to mark my mood

Mint Julep are husband and wife duo Keith and Hollie Kenniff, from Portland, Oregon. We’ve featured them a couple of times before since we first discovered them through a picture rather than a track.

New tune ‘To The Sea’ opens with a Depeche Mode sounding synth, before Hollie’s breathless vocal takes you on a dreamlike journey, away, somewhere warmer, safer and probably quite hazy. Shoe gaze, but dancey. Shoe Rave? (I’ll get me coat)

Do you remember JJ72? I only ask because when I first heard this new tune from Exitmusic, from about 2 minutes in, I couldn’t get them out of my bleeding head. This is what happens when your head is full of too many musical references.

Anyway, Exitmusic are more than that. In fact it was rude of me to mention the similarity at all. Since releasing their first EP From Silence back at the end of last year, NYC duo Devon Church and Aleska Palladino have garnered acclaim across the board for their tsunami of pop noiseand, bizarrely Spectral Washes of woozieness. Their debut album, Passage, is out on Secretly Canadian May 21st.

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